M&A PROJECT事業を買いたい方

Want to buy business

  • Point01

    You can find Sell Company with our website.

    You can search for Sell Company and contact them to negotiate.
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    Free until Success

    We charge 3% of purchase price of company when it is succeeded. Buyer must inform us of the success of M&A within 2 weeks from the date of final agreement with seller. If buyer doesn’t inform us within 2 weeks, we shall charge 10% of purchase price.
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    Professional Service

    We support M&A with providing consulting and due diligence. Our partner firms provide law service and audit service. Those services shall be subject to additional charge.

Flow of success

  • STEP 01

    Search for company

  • STEP 02

    Contact company to start negotiation

  • STEP 03

    M&A Success!

    You have to inform us within 2 weeks.

M&A search

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